Thursday, May 1, 2014

An Overview Of Me.. :)


Hello.. Today I wanna dedicate this article to me..  Many of my loved ones knows that I love writing ... so, let's write something about myself.. believe me its a difficult job to do :/

I live life in my conditions , in fact meaning of my name Nitika is "apne nitiyo me chalne wali ladki - a girl who lives life in her terms & conditions."

I love expressing .. I don't keep things to me.. I stand , speak & clear doubts & move on.. Coz I believe half of our problems get resolved , if we speak up clearly ...

There was a time when I was in school.. and was afraid of saying sorry or thank u to my dad.. at that time I use to write notes in a paper & use to stick it to my dad's cub board or dressing table ... and he use to understand perfectly what I wanna say.. at that time I thought writing is easier than saying... :) and I still believe the same :)

I believe in expressing because it makes your life beautiful & keeps your heart & mind clean :)

I am completely connected to my roots , but at the same time wanna be on the top of tree shinning bright like its best fruit ...

I respect every bond I share with people in my life...
Yes.. I trust easily .. but once broken .. don't even think twice to cut off all relations with them..Not because i hate them, but because i respect Me !

For me life is a chance ... & I will not lose this chance without enjoying it. We always have 2 options to live life..Do it with a smile Or Do it with a tear.. I prefer with a smile...

That doesn't mean I don't face problems , sadness or difficulties... in fact I value each smile only because I have experienced my each tear with pain..

I try to keep myself happy.. coz I think , only a smiling face can bring smile on others face..

I believe in honesty with simplicity... for me honesty is not just a word but conclusion of every thing I do...whatever I do ... I do it with honesty ...

I love clicking pictures.. I know ..many of u know this very well ;).. I love memories... and pictures have power to take you to your best memories whenever you want...

I hate fake people or people with show off nature... I don't gel well with them..:/
I appreciate & respect real ones :)

I love my family & friends most.. my personal life is priority ..whereas i try to give my best to my social & professional life too.. after all it defines me ...

I just love being whom i am ..  And will continue enjoying my life in my terms..

Today i wanna include everyone in my blog.. I would request you all to mention few lines about me below in the comment column.. so, that i can understand my self better :) hoping to see some lines soon.. 


  1. Ookay as per my observations I found you best at each relations either its family,friends or relative,ergo I must say not a single line in this blog is missed. . .it's dignified YoU !

    1. Thank you so much Ankit, thanks for the above message .. as i said every line coming below this blog is really very important for me :)

  2. WoW, I am Highly Impressed.. I reckon we all must know our selves before we being judgmental for others.. you have done a great job Nitika :) its quite not easy and same time huge thing to know and explain your self :) you have absolutely good writing skills, keep up doing the great work :) bless you :)

    1. Thank you so very much Manna bro for your words.. And i completely agree with your line "we all must know our selves before we being judgmental for others" .. so true.. half of our life we spend understanding others.. y don't give all that extra time to ourselves :)

      thanks for the blessings bro.. :)

  3. Nitika Bhabhi.. what to say.. I never knew i will come across a person as good.. as rooted.. as docile.. as ethereal as u..

    You are a great human being... and i have felt that so many times.. Ur honesty. . ur simplicity.. is all so so gud..

    I am falling short of words to express all that i want to.. u r the best.. and I am proud to have you in my life.. as my mentor.. guide.. friend.. philosopher.. and so much more..

    Lots of Love

    1. Thank you Akshat, the above words means a lot to me.. actually good people believe everyone around are good .. same goes here.. since , you are an awesome human being.. you feel the same for others..

      lots of love & will always be there with you :)

  4. Nitika are a true gem of a person and so lovable....muah :-* :-*

    1. Thank you Richa dee for your comment ..muahhh...

  5. Nitiki..

    You may be my brothers wife for the world, but its just we know that we share a bond as close as sisters do. You are my Baby Sis.. and will always be. :)

    Your innocence.. your smile.. your talks... definitely give a reason to others to live for. Your pure soul touches each heart. You have the power to break a rock !! (not literally but a metaphor !! ) :P

    The bet thing i like about you is... You love your ownself.. you love Life. Until one loves his ownself.. why should one expect others to love you ? You certainly inspire me and many around to Live Life..

    God bless you with the most beautiful life ahead... Keep smiling always...

    Loads of love and blessings
    Malvika Di

  6. Malvika dee thank you soooo much for the wonderful lines.. love you so much.. and yes i know i have a beautiful elder sis always for me ..thanks dee for being there always :) muahhh

  7. NIkki Didi :)
    I loved your blog. It's honest and shows what a great person you are inside. I always looked up to you when I was little. You were always so nice to me too. We haven't had much interaction lately but this blog gives me some insight and reminds me of how incredibly sweet you were to me too. You treasure your relations and that's a gem of a habit. I see the person I used to look up to quite clearly.
    Thanks for making me read this. :)

    1. Thanks sani.. good to hear from you.. u r one of those kids whom I have seen growing in front of my eyes right from the birth..
      I still remember how badly I use to wait for your bilaspur visits...

      You are a lil darling to me n will always be.. love u lots n hoping to see you all soon.. muah bache :)

  8. Want to add few very imp lines about her: the way she readily agreed to help me for my portfolio shoot and took time out of her busy schedule touched my heart and boy!!!! She made my portfolio look spectacular. Cant thank you enough bhabhi. And keep up the good blogs :-) Muah

  9. Want to add few very imp lines about her: the way she readily agreed to help me for my portfolio shoot and took time out of her busy schedule touched my heart and boy!!!! She made my portfolio look spectacular. Cant thank you enough bhabhi. And keep up the good blogs :-) Muah

    1. Aww dee.. for that I would like to thank I love getting clicked..:)

      And I m never busy for real & near ones..photoshoot was fun... & bcoz of you now I know I have one more option in case lose my job ;) lolz ...

      Love you dee.. and let's do a combine photoshoot ... wat say :)

  10. Ab tere baare me kya bolu yaar.
    I have known u since 6th grade. U r one of the best kinda person i have met me in my whole life. A very gud daughter, a gud sister, a gud wife, a gud daughter in law, a gud frnd, its tough to find all these qualities in a single person coz its tough to maintain each relation wid 100% efficiency. Bt if u wanna know how its done, ask Nikki.
    Crazy about clicking pics. Definitely a very gud writer and above all an awesome human being.
    Its gr8 to have u in my life.
    Thnx Nikki

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  12. Thanks Akshay.. your each word means a lot to me.. you are the best buddy i have in my life.. :)